Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day #6! :)

This is a yay and nay since that now, if the school district doesn't erase all of the missed snow days or whatever. I will be getting out on July 2! Wahoo. Doesn't that sound exciting! Not. I mean it's really really nice to have snow, actually, I am very excited! Besides that fact that our bowling meet against Ferndale at Majestic Lanes is canceled and will probably me moved to sometime next week and then Districts will be moved and possibly State... Isn't snow pretty? I love it.

In the knitting world, there isn't much to say. I restarted the heel on my Bazaar Sock. I knitted a little on the white sock that I hate. It's really ugly. Hmmm, am I thinking Christmas Present? Do do do... :)

I'll probably make socks for all of my relatives this year since I am in a sock knitting mood.

Oh yeah, here are some pictures:

To make up for yesterday's no pictures. :)
Have a good day and I hope it snows!

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