Sunday, January 14, 2007

It keeps on snowing and I keep on knitting!

Okay, so it seems that the winter weather is far from ending. My dad informed me at dinner tonight that it is suppose to snow 2-4" by Tuesday morning or on Tuesday. One of the two. Either way, I amd kinda excited but I really want to bowl again Ferndale Tuesday at Majestic Lanes. Guess what! I also get to bowl Thurday at Anacortes and Friday in Mt.Vernon! Anywho, back to the weather. So our little snow "flurry" ended up being an additional 0.5 inches. And guess what! It's been about 5 or so days since the last snow day and none of the snow has melted and normally at my house, I'm lucky if the snow is still here (in large amounts like the entire backyard) are white. SO this is a signal that the worst is yet to come! I LOVE snow. But I do get the feeling that a lot of people around here are getting really sick of the snow. They don't know what they are missing. I think that the reason that I love snow so much is because I think that I am really still a kid inside. I know, I know, technically I am still a kid but a lot of people my age are not cool enough to want to play in the snow.

Now I shall talk about knitting since that is the main reason I am typing right now. Here are some things that I have knitted today. Yes, during the football game. Me gusta ver americano futbol. (I like to watch american football) By the way the Seahawks lost and now I have no interest in watching the other games except the Super Bowl (which my family and I like to refer to the stupid bowl as of two years ago untill the Seahawks finally got to the Super Bowl) But steering away from the play by play football, I knitted these while watching the game:

I got the lemon and lime pattern from Jess Hutch but I made the apple and banana on my own without a pattern.

I also knitted some of my sock since I last posted on here. I'll post a picture tomorrow. Same with the bazaar sock. If I posted a picture of it tonight, then you won't see much progress from yesterday, so I thought I would at least finish my current band before I showed more. So I am still knitting. I actually spent all day knitting and watching tv.

I think the snow really mentally makes me knit. I will never know. All I know is that I love knitting and I love snow.

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