Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dumb USB cord...

Okay, I would have posted pictures if only I new where my stupid USB cord went...

Today, there is lots to talk about.

First of all, I finally finished the back of my cardigan. Yes it did take me over a year and a half to do that (it wasn't the number on priority project, but now it is)! YAY! Now I am working on the front left pannel of the cardigan. Hopefully, the cardigan will be all downhill from here. Hopefully. I will be lucky if I finish it before I graduate high school. :)

Secondly, my family and I talked a great deal about the Farmer's Almanac. At least the weather portion of it... my dad is convinced that there will be no 'huge snow storm' in February, even though the Farmer's Almanac says that we will. My mom and my sister and I hope there will be snow. My mom and I decided that we are going to laugh if it does snow like a blizzard and then last for weeks. :) Hello snowdays!

Thirdly, I am thinking of a new knitting project to start soon. Yes, another knitting project. I got this green/blue/purple yarn that's really think and I really really like it (2 balls). So I am trying to figure out what I can make with it besides a scarf or hat or easy peasy project like that. Even though it would be cool if it was a hat...

Fourth, I am freaking out about finals. I have about 12 of the 14 lines of the prologue of Romeo and Juliet memorized. But I can't seem to remember the last two lines for the life of me. Then I still have to study for science. I am not too worried about math (open note), art (just coloring this small project thing), PE (just some physical tests), and spanish (I already did it, it was a presentation so I took it a week early) SO I am really only freaking out about Science and English.

Fifthly, I got a new Nancy Drew game. It's 'Double Dare Pack 3' which has the Secret of Shadow Ranch and the Curse of Blackmoor Manor. The Manor one is so going to freak me out. I am so flippin' excited! :)

So yep... hopefully I will find my USB cord soon... I'm going to go watch the Apprentice now. :)


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