Monday, January 15, 2007

Not much here

I would be posting pictures today, but can I find my USB cord to plug inmy camera to the computer? No. It's around here somewhere. Today my plan is to bowl with my sister at two and then the rest of the day, I am going to knit or finish one of the three sock patterns that I am currently knitting. I'll probably finish the white sock pair, then hopefully finish either the watermelon or the Bazaar Sock next.

Let me tell you that the Bazaar sock is the most intense pattern I've done. I currently have to redo the heel (I've only done like two rows) because I followed the pattern and I was knitting the side not the bottom of the sock. WHATEVER. Stupid sock pattern...

News about the blog, I have added a counter which I don't think will tell me very well who is on my blog because I am constantly looking at my blog to make sure that my edits are correct and so I probably add over half of the page views. Goodness, oh well.

Yep, it's pretty boring around here at 10:20 in the morning. I hear it's suppose to snow 2-4" but it won't last too long because warm weather is coming in right after it, I hope the snow last enough for a 2-hour delay or something. Kinda hoping snow day, but at the same time I really really want to bowl in the meet Tuesday.

THat's it for now. Once I find my stupid USB cord, I will post pictures.

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