Friday, January 12, 2007


IT SNOWED!!! Well, more like it snowed two days ago, then yesterday was a snow day and then today was a 2-hour delay. I love snow days, besides the make it up in the summer part. But I heard that the superintendant might just erase all of the make-up snow days. It's bad enough that semester finals are pushed back a week. They were January 24, 25, and 26. Now they are January 31, February 1 and 2. It'll give me an extra week to study and do extra credit and finish my Spanish Project which I am already done with. Yep, so I heard that it's suppose to snow here by next Thursday! :) I love snow so much. I hope our 4-day week will be shortened to 3 or 2 days caused by the lovely snow. Here's what it looked (and still does for the last 3 days, since temps are barely above 28 degrees here) like. Yes, my cat was meowing sooo loudly yesterday when she saw that bird (in the first and middle picture) on my deck. It was weird, the bird was just sitting there. I think the poor thing couldn't move. :( I hope it's okay.

Okay, so I have decided on a projects that I started before Christmas that I am going to knit. They are these socks called "Bazaar Socks" but I think that they are the coolest socks ever. So again, instead of useing the yarn and needles they suggest, I am going to use size 6 US needles and some simply soft and some icky scratchy redheart, but these skeins are surprizingly not all that icky and scratchy. Yay! So, yep here are some pictures with my cat in them and OF COURSE, she looks away right as I snap the picture then after she hears the click, she pauses and then continues to sniff at them.
So here is what I caught of my kitty and my knitting. (The socks are in the picture) I'll get a better picture of her sometime when she isn't trying to lick herself for hours on end. The Sock Pattern is a toe up type sock. I decided that I am going to make it for my dad since the socks are way too huge for me unless I wore them as slippers.
Hope it snows!

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