Thursday, February 22, 2007

we have weird weather in Seattle

So today on my way to fifth period, after lunch, it's starts hailing.

I was like "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh it was hailing!!!"
and then this other girl was like "no it's not"
And I was like "yeah it is. I was just outside"
she says "I was just outside too."
I reply "It was hailing outside on my way from the A building so whatever."

And then my other kindafriend was so shocked by my response. Too bad. I really don't care because that girl whose was argueing against me doesn't like me for whatever reason and so I really don't care what she thinks about what I say. She can say such crudy stuff to everyone else. Making everyone else around her feel stupid. So she deserves it. Well, then (since this was during math) when we had work time where we could just work on our homework assignment, my partner and this girl who sits across the isle from me and this other witch all sit with the girl I was arguing with. So thanks partner for leaving me again. Since this is like the nth time she's done this to me. What a jerk. I'm sorry but she is. They all are. Whatever. I really really don't care about having a friendship where people don't stand by you or work with you (not trying to copy every answer) and I hate it when I have to be around people who treat me like crap. So too beeping bad! They can go be jerks in their own little corner. I don't care.

Anywho, trying to move away from that rant... knitting currently has no inspiration towards me. And it's making me mad. I think I am currently too stressed to be able to get inspired. With all of my crap friends. If you can even call them friends. Well, continueing on the rant...

I have this friend. Okay? I have been (what I thought) best friends for years (going on 6 or 7). And she keeps on siding with this other girl who says crap about me on myspace. And also hates me for whatever reason. Well, I have no idea how to deal with the friendship of my "best friend" since I don't think I can trust her anymore. The problem is I can't for the life of me give up on a friendship that I have spent almost half a decade working on. And I care about her on a best friend level but it seems like she only sees me as a friend and not a best friend. And it justs bothers me that we're growing apart and that I won't admit it. And when I try to talk to her, I can't think of what to tell her and then when I say things on a serious level, I think that she gets all defensive because then she justs gets all quiet and says she has nothing to say.


I am going to go do stuff.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Not an exciting day today. I was just very slow. I slept great last night... amazing what happens when you have two additional hours of sleep. It was awesome. Then I got up early enough to wash my hair, change my clothes, and eat breakfast and I was still earlier than normal.

So, as I was reading the Dear Abby, her stories were really boring today, I skipped over to the horoscope section. OMG! I swear I've needed this horoscope forever now. Here's what it said:

"Taurus (April 20-May 20): No one will expect you to take over or get involved wholeheartedly today, so take everyone by surprise. You can be a quick-change artist, and this alone will help you get what you want. 3 stars"

OMGOMGOMG!!!! This is the one thing that kept me in the day. I just felt so good. I felt like I could go up to my so called "friends" who like to talk crap about me and tell them how I feel. I didn't (so far) since the mean person was absent and the other was filing her nails all sixth period. Ohh, but that doesn't mean I still can't. Oh no, they have no idea what they are up against. They better watch it. Not to be over threatening. I would hurt them physically or mentally, but give them a small portion of the crap I dealed with. So there. God, that made me feel so good just to know that.

On the happy knitting trail, I actually haven't done much in the last couple of days. Inspiration kinda left when I had to focus all of my energy on y jerky friends. Again, I can't wait until I graduate and move out.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some people can just be so low

I am not having a good time. It seems like everyday I wish I was 18 and moving out of the lonely city of Everett. It's so boring here. Nothing ever exciting happens here. I just wish I could move out and start the exciting part of my life. I also want to move away so that I can be rid of the mean jerky people in my life. I wish they would stop saying crap about me.

I guess you could say that I am a tad bit depressed. Not severely though. Thank god. I just don't know what to do about my friend situation. The main question I have is that are my "friends" going to e trustworthy? and how many more years do I have to go through having crudy friends? I've never had extremely good friends since 2nd grade. Once 3rd grade came, there went the friendships. I just wish that I could go back to the years when there were no "cooties" and people would play Pokemon tag. God, I loved Pokemon tag. A huge amount of us would go into the main huge soccer field and run around. I always ended up getting chased because I was the butterfly character and the fire character people always tried to get me. It was so much fun. I miss those days and I wish people now days would grow up and get mature. We aren't in middle school anymore so grow up!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here are the many pictures of Rick. Isn't he just the cutest little piece of cut up sock that was sewn together? Awwww... I'm make a brother for him today. I'm about almost done (halfway) with the sewing. Then I sew on the eyes and shape the mouth and then I stuff him and close him up. :) I got the idea from the book Stupid Sock Creatures. It's one awesome book. I think they look better when you actually make them versus seeing them in a book because then you can tweek them and change the pattern by a smidgin.

I've also knitted some of my Simply Marilyn Sweater. Not much though. I finished the back piece and instead of starting on the front I'm going to make at least one sleeve and see how much yarn that uses and see if I might possibly need to buy another ball of yarn. I hope not... because of the whole dye lot thingie. What if I can't find the dye lot? I think if I need more yarn, it'll be okay for what little amount of yarn I'd need to se out of it. So yep, I am working on ribbing...doesn't that sound like fun?! I hope Rick can help me knit some of it... j/k!! I love Rick. I gave him to my dad as a birthday present last night. My dad really liked him. :)

My plan for the rest of the day is to knit, sew, and relax. I hopefully can finish Pat and knit the sleeve (one sleeve) today. I will most likely stay up really late tonight to knit in my room. I love 4 day weekends! (It would have been five if last Friday wasn't a "bonus" day-or snow make up day) So yep, I am going to go relax.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday and we have a ton of stuff to do. My plan is to play tennis with him sometime today (hopefully before it starts to rain). My mom and I are planning to go out this early afternoon and get him something. My dad has decided that we are going to have either steak or ribs... or rib eye steak.

I now have a strong urge to knit the wicked pattern. I've been looking at like a billion blogs where people are knitting it. And I'm like GAHHH. I must knit that!

I also found patterns for knitting fruits, like apples, pears, peaches, lemons, limes, and an adorable banana! :)

I have to start getting ready to go grocery shopping with my mom... I hate grocery shopping. It's so boring! And it takes hours to get through the store! I'd rather not go.

I feel very spontaneous on my typing and knitting recently. Today I really don't have much to talk about. I just want to stay home, relax, and knit to my hearts content or finish the sweater that I am working on. So I am sorry if this post seems a little sparatic.

Today's weather: Bright, sunny, almost 60 degrees (more like 55, but hey, close enough). I see a dark, well not dark dark, but darker cloud in the north and I can't tell whether it's coming toward us or away from us. I hope it's going away from us because I really want to play tennis today. I need practice since I am trying out for the team and I really really want to make it. I hope I do... :) It would be awesome if there were no cuts.

Let's see, knitting land... not much to say. I have inpiration to knit fruit and I also want to knit my awesome "Simply Marilyn" sweater. I started it after I got this cool yarn from Let It Rain Yarn in Mukeltio Town Center. It's an awesome yarn store. :) I want a yarn stor like that some day... :) (Oh boy, I must be really bored, I have more smilies in this mush paragraph than anywhere else) :) :) :) :)

soooooo bored..... want to knit but need to get ready to go grocery shopping......

Tomorrow I am going bowling with my friends. That sounds like fun. They are going down with the mad skills of the skill puddle. :)

Well, I can't think of anything else to type. So I'll write either later or tomorrow, which ever one gives me more inpiration.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Crappy Day

Yet another one. Sometimes I wish some people in my life would just realize "hey I'm in high school not middle school". I've been feeling very down in the dumps-even a tad bit on the depressed side since I having been having a horrible time with friends.

Last night was horrible. Okay, so my sister decides to go up to our high school and watch a choir performance for Valentines Day. After the performance, she goes to her car and notices something shiny on the ground. Then it hits her, the passenger's side window is gone. From what she has told me, her bag that contained her math book, graphing calculator, notebook, a pair of jeans, and a hoodie was gone. So obviously they thefts took that. But they did grab the garage door opener or anything from the glove box. So on the phone she is histarical. We haven't found out who did it yet. Hopefully the security cameras at the school were set up. It still freaks me out that anyone could just punch out a window and steal something.

Then going back to my disrespectful 'friends' that I have... oh goodness... I am just surprised that anyone that I know would call me such horrible names. It crushes me since I have never done anything that bad to anyone to deserve and horrid name like that. And then I get a note that talks about how they think 'we're all equal, so stop acting likee a princess. You aren't one' Well DUH I know I'm not a princess, and I don't want to be considered one. I know I am not perfect, but there is no stinking way in hell that I am going to let you throw plastic bags and wadded up pieces of paper balls at my head and stuffed in my hood. What in the hell did I do to deserve such crap from someone? The answer is nothing. Not when I've been called what I've been called. I have done absolutely nothing to deserve that.

I just don't get it. I try to be nice to everyone. Some people I don't like and they don't like me. But in those cases we realize that and try to avoid each other. This person who's throwing crap at me doesn't avoid confrontation but creates it. Not only in her letter is she trying to say she doesn't care whether we're friends, she insulting me!

I'm sick of it.

Note: this sort of thing has been happening since Monday

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finally, USB cord from my sister to save the day!

YAY!!! My sister has allowed me to borrow her old USB cord since she had to get a new camera recently and the new USB cord that she uses for her camera is totally different. And her old camera uses the same type USB cord that mine does.

Oh my goodness! I spent 6 hours today knitting! I am a psycho when it comes to knitting marathons-as long as there is a good show that's on for 2 or 3 hours so I can contently knit without feeling like a freak sitting on the couch in quietness. Here's a picture of my progress:

The one on the right shows the color a lot better than the one on the left but the one on the left you can see the cable better. So yep, I spent 6 hours working on that fine piece of fabric.

I got the yarn from this shop called Let It Rain Yarn in Mukiteo Towncenter area. It's so awesome!

Okay, I have been knitting some of my cardigan since the last time I posted pictures... so here:

I've also been working on some mittens:

And here is a "Stupid Sock Creature" I made:

Okay, so that's it for pictures. Now it's time for talking and the rambling of me!

I currently am wishing so badly that I lived in Oswego New York. I WANT IT TO SNOW AGAIN! When will this huge winter snow storm come? They are only expecting rain this week and clearing this coming weekend and average temps around 40-50 degrees. Come on! Get colder! Get wetter! GET SNOWING! I just can't wait for this week to be over since next Monday is President's Day and my sister and I might go bowling. Hopefully. And I also can work on my sweater over the weekend. My butt hurts from sitting. Oh well. I love knitting and I think whoever invented knitting should be the king/queen of the world. And I also wish that every skein of yarn I touch could be free and I could knit super fast making these beautiful pieces and everyone at my school would be jealous of me and my mad skill. But now I have to focus on the reality and know that that will probably never happen but it's still a dream, right? Well, I am going to go on and look around and maybe post a thing or two and then knit some more. And then knit during the Grammy's.

Wishing it was snowing...

Friday, February 09, 2007

I want to live in Oswego New York

Omg! On, there is a small news report video about Oswego NewYork (upstate). They have 100 inches of snow! ANd they are still expecting more! Man, I really want to live there!!! I LOVE snow!

Anywho... I am off to play the sims...

Knitting since yesterday: nada. Nope, I have done zip worth of knitting. Do do do do dooo....

I plan to knit a bunch this weekend since there is absolutely nothing going on today, tomorrow, or the next day. I hope it snows here soon. I miss the snow and the excitment and the sleeping in.... :) I am so living on the East Coast when I am old enough to move out. First plane after graduation. Just kidding, not the first plane. But close.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


FINALLY I got into the good health class! Someone finally dropped out of 6th period health and I got the spot!!!!

I am just really excited because I needed to transfer classes.

Okay, since I haven't posted anything for the longest time, which I deeply apologize for, I thought 'hey why not post on my blog while the sims game is being installed?' So I am.

The whole reason I want to play the sims now is that first off, I have solved the two newest nancy drew games and had unistalled it and second, I have been inspired for a family.

You will probably laugh your heart out but here it is: Romeo and Juliet. I know, I know... But there is an already made family showing each family and it looks so gosh darn interesting. So I thought... why not? I am not exactly sure if I want to install nightlife or open for business though. I probably will. The only reason that ROmeo and Juliet is inpiration is because we are currently reading it in English and I am finding it interesting. So there.


I haven't been doing an incredibly amount of knitting. Yes, I am STILL trying to find that gosh darn USB stinking cord. Where could a dumb piece of wire tubing go? Did it just run off somewhere and have a tea party or something? Goodness! Oh weel... I'll find it sooner or later. I'll probably "borrow" my sisters. She won't notice! :) Hopefully...

1) Blue Cardigan. I am within 10 rows of being done with the left front pannel. GAH! I am sooooo close. But it's still taking me forever.

2)Another Peedmont/Knitted Babes Doll. I decided to try to make anothe one since I have been longing to knit something with small ight stitches that will take me forever to knit. But I am excited. It's going to be a rocker/punk type person. They'll have overall dark brown hair with purple and dark red (maroon) colored streaks. But the hair will mainly be dark red and brown. And then I'll added touches like mascara and eye lyner and stuff. This doll will be an exact opposite to me... she'll have a dark sort of outfit or maybe her outfit will have really bright colors or something. I haven't decided yet, and I am waaaaay far away from that.

Here's a drawing:

Saturday, February 03, 2007

This weekend is going to be sooo much fun!!!

I am really excited for this weekend. First, today I am going to the movies with and friend and we plan to see Blood and Chocolate. :) I have no idea what it's about and my friend that I am going with told me the whole plot and then I forgot but I still want to see it.

Later tonight, I am going bowling with my sister! :) I love bowling.
Then tomorrow, before the Super Bowl, my family and my dad's friend are going bowling. :) Did I say that I love bowling? Well, I guess I do! Then we'll come home and watch the game.

In the knitting world, I am almost 100% done with the front left pannel, it fascinates me that I take a year and a half to do the back, but then the front only takes me a week or so. Amazing...

I also have watermelon socks going, and these other dumb white stupid socks that are STUPID. I really really hate them. I think they are so ugly. I am considering only knitting the one sock and then never making its pair. Oh well.

Now, as I am getting everso closer to the end, that I want to knit another sweater. I was thinking of this. Any suggestions?

Friday, February 02, 2007


YAY!!! I am so happy that finals are over!