Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finally, USB cord from my sister to save the day!

YAY!!! My sister has allowed me to borrow her old USB cord since she had to get a new camera recently and the new USB cord that she uses for her camera is totally different. And her old camera uses the same type USB cord that mine does.

Oh my goodness! I spent 6 hours today knitting! I am a psycho when it comes to knitting marathons-as long as there is a good show that's on for 2 or 3 hours so I can contently knit without feeling like a freak sitting on the couch in quietness. Here's a picture of my progress:

The one on the right shows the color a lot better than the one on the left but the one on the left you can see the cable better. So yep, I spent 6 hours working on that fine piece of fabric.

I got the yarn from this shop called Let It Rain Yarn in Mukiteo Towncenter area. It's so awesome!

Okay, I have been knitting some of my cardigan since the last time I posted pictures... so here:

I've also been working on some mittens:

And here is a "Stupid Sock Creature" I made:

Okay, so that's it for pictures. Now it's time for talking and the rambling of me!

I currently am wishing so badly that I lived in Oswego New York. I WANT IT TO SNOW AGAIN! When will this huge winter snow storm come? They are only expecting rain this week and clearing this coming weekend and average temps around 40-50 degrees. Come on! Get colder! Get wetter! GET SNOWING! I just can't wait for this week to be over since next Monday is President's Day and my sister and I might go bowling. Hopefully. And I also can work on my sweater over the weekend. My butt hurts from sitting. Oh well. I love knitting and I think whoever invented knitting should be the king/queen of the world. And I also wish that every skein of yarn I touch could be free and I could knit super fast making these beautiful pieces and everyone at my school would be jealous of me and my mad skill. But now I have to focus on the reality and know that that will probably never happen but it's still a dream, right? Well, I am going to go on and look around and maybe post a thing or two and then knit some more. And then knit during the Grammy's.

Wishing it was snowing...

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