Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here are the many pictures of Rick. Isn't he just the cutest little piece of cut up sock that was sewn together? Awwww... I'm make a brother for him today. I'm about almost done (halfway) with the sewing. Then I sew on the eyes and shape the mouth and then I stuff him and close him up. :) I got the idea from the book Stupid Sock Creatures. It's one awesome book. I think they look better when you actually make them versus seeing them in a book because then you can tweek them and change the pattern by a smidgin.

I've also knitted some of my Simply Marilyn Sweater. Not much though. I finished the back piece and instead of starting on the front I'm going to make at least one sleeve and see how much yarn that uses and see if I might possibly need to buy another ball of yarn. I hope not... because of the whole dye lot thingie. What if I can't find the dye lot? I think if I need more yarn, it'll be okay for what little amount of yarn I'd need to se out of it. So yep, I am working on ribbing...doesn't that sound like fun?! I hope Rick can help me knit some of it... j/k!! I love Rick. I gave him to my dad as a birthday present last night. My dad really liked him. :)

My plan for the rest of the day is to knit, sew, and relax. I hopefully can finish Pat and knit the sleeve (one sleeve) today. I will most likely stay up really late tonight to knit in my room. I love 4 day weekends! (It would have been five if last Friday wasn't a "bonus" day-or snow make up day) So yep, I am going to go relax.

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