Thursday, February 08, 2007


FINALLY I got into the good health class! Someone finally dropped out of 6th period health and I got the spot!!!!

I am just really excited because I needed to transfer classes.

Okay, since I haven't posted anything for the longest time, which I deeply apologize for, I thought 'hey why not post on my blog while the sims game is being installed?' So I am.

The whole reason I want to play the sims now is that first off, I have solved the two newest nancy drew games and had unistalled it and second, I have been inspired for a family.

You will probably laugh your heart out but here it is: Romeo and Juliet. I know, I know... But there is an already made family showing each family and it looks so gosh darn interesting. So I thought... why not? I am not exactly sure if I want to install nightlife or open for business though. I probably will. The only reason that ROmeo and Juliet is inpiration is because we are currently reading it in English and I am finding it interesting. So there.


I haven't been doing an incredibly amount of knitting. Yes, I am STILL trying to find that gosh darn USB stinking cord. Where could a dumb piece of wire tubing go? Did it just run off somewhere and have a tea party or something? Goodness! Oh weel... I'll find it sooner or later. I'll probably "borrow" my sisters. She won't notice! :) Hopefully...

1) Blue Cardigan. I am within 10 rows of being done with the left front pannel. GAH! I am sooooo close. But it's still taking me forever.

2)Another Peedmont/Knitted Babes Doll. I decided to try to make anothe one since I have been longing to knit something with small ight stitches that will take me forever to knit. But I am excited. It's going to be a rocker/punk type person. They'll have overall dark brown hair with purple and dark red (maroon) colored streaks. But the hair will mainly be dark red and brown. And then I'll added touches like mascara and eye lyner and stuff. This doll will be an exact opposite to me... she'll have a dark sort of outfit or maybe her outfit will have really bright colors or something. I haven't decided yet, and I am waaaaay far away from that.

Here's a drawing:

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