Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Knitting

I have no idea on what my first project of the new year should be. I want it to be something spactacular and different that I've never tried before but at the same time I love the pattern. (I find it unappealing to knit something that I hat since when I am forced to do so, it takes me forever to do)

I am going to start my SUPER SEARCH. First I will go to the knitting pattern central, then crochet pattern central, look at the links in my 'really good knitting pattern' folder in my favorites and then end in If I can't find anything in any of those, then well, I'm screwed. I'll just make up some makeshift pattern of some sorts. idunno. Well, I'm off. If anyone who reads this wants to make a comment and reccomend a really really really good pattern that would be awesome.

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