Friday, December 22, 2006

Stressed Out

Oh my goodness! There is so much knitting to do and so little time. Sorry for not having pictures yet. I will hopefully be able to do that soon.

Current things to do today:

1. Felt a mini felted bowl that I knitted last night.

2. Knit the legs and sew them to the body of a toy dinosaur.

3. Finish knitting the world's longest scarf (sure feels like it).

4. Wrap the felted bowl, dinosaur, scarf, and this other box thing.

Besides that, I have pretty much nothing else to do.

Yesterday was a very long day. I spend 2 hours in the morning (10:00 to noon) knitting the cape and head and arms for the dinosaur PLUS embroidering the cape and sewing on felted triangles for the dino's back. Don't forget the stuffing too.

Then, after those long two hours, I started cleaning. Yes me, only me. Since my parents were at work and so was my sister. I first started with the mountain of wrapping paper trimmings that were scattered among the dining room table. Included with the wrapping paper was also misc. bow adhesive tags and sticker pages. Then I tackled the growing pile of mail and newspaper that my mom had'nt read yet. Goodness, three days worth of newspaper not read. What does she do everyday? Anywho, then I swept the floor, which had more dirt and dust than I've EVER seen in my life. My family really needs to take housecleaning classes. Especially my sister who thinks that cleaning the bathroom is lightly scrubbing the inside of the toilet with toilet brush and toilet washing gunk and wiping down the sink. When really, cleaning the bathroom consists of swiffering the floor, vacuuming the rug and extra hair on the floor, spraying Kaboom on the counter and wiping it down, windexing the mirror, empty the garbage, wiping down the outside of the toilet, scrubbing the inside of the toilet, and splashing water in the tub to get the dirt out. The second list is what I do. Now if someone was cleaning your bathroom, would you want the skimpy job? Or the intense super clean version? I would go with the super intense clean version.

Continueing on my cleaning spree, I also vacuumed all of the carpet, cleaned TWO bathrooms, washed the kitchen floor (swiffered), orgainized the kitchen, dining room, and living room. OOH! FUNNY STORY: Okay, so I was vacuuming the carpet in my room, right? So I was right next to one of my socks (not exactly my favorite sock but still a sock) and my vacuum sucked up the scok! I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" So I ended up having to take the bag out of the vacuum cleaner and put a new bag in. Luckily I was able to get the dirty sock out of the bag since it wasn't extremely far in the bag. :)

So yeah.

Last night, I stayed up to 5:45 am this morning. That was after I fell asleep for 2 hours during Selena. I want to watch the end of that movie so badly! It's driving my crazy because I know something bad happpened to her but I don't know what it is! Because I was watching the movie last week in Spanish. And last Friday we were suppose to get doughnuts and watch the end of the movie but we had no school because of power issues with the most recent storm that came through. Grr. I was so mad. Anywho (I totally know how to stay on topic), then I woke up and went to my room and knitted for the next three hours on the huskey scarf and I only have 3 or 4 more stripes to HOPEFULLY do. If not 3 or 4, then it'll be 9 to 10 rows. Gah. I squirm at the thought. I am not going to knit ANY scarves for ANYONE next Christmas. Too many hours of riggorous monotony. Sounds exciting, huh?

I think I am going to go felt the short knitted bowl so it can hopefully dry in time.

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