Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Currently life is crazier than it's been in a long time. I bet it's the Christmas Season coming in less than two weeks. So far here are my plans:

Aunt- Watercolor Painting Framed
Uncle 1 and 2- each get a stripped felted bowl
Grandpa- Watercolor Painting Framed
Grandma- Watercolor Painting
Aunt's Mom (the most wonderful person ever because she taught me how to knit)- a plain blue cardigan (yes, the one I've been working on for over 6 months)
Mom- I'm not sure quite yet, most likely a watercolor painting, scarf, or fingerless gloves/possibly mittens, or slippers. (still thinking)
Dad- Robot doll (named Tobor), felted bowl,
Sister- Husky Scarf (she's a big fan), knitting supplies (I recently taught her how to knit so she deserves a knitting bag plus something to start off the huge collection she will have in the next 20 years), yarn, and something else that I am forgetting right now.

It's so hard to knit for people in my family because I always hope they love what I give them and that I spent several hours and hours slaving over hot needles to have them just discard into their everso growing mountain of knitted stuff that I have made for them. HOPEFULLY that's not the case. But I know that my sister sometimes doesn't keep things I make for her. She's evedn given me back what I knitted for her. Sometimes a couple months later or even the same moment I give it to her. Just like, nope, don't want it. Can you say REJECTION?

My major goals are to:
1. get every single project off every single pair of needles I own
2. start off the new year with limited number of projects on the needles
3. finish all Christmas knitting gifts before the end of next Monday (the 18, of December) Even if that means several all knitting nighters.
4. If I can, get the projects off the needles before x-mas, if not, then New Years.

Minor goals are:
1. Try not to argure with my sister
2. Get all of the gifts I'm giving under the tree before x-mas eve
3. Clean my room (it's a pit)
4. Make yummy sugar cookies for bowling xmas party.
5. Make sugar cookies for family for x-mas.

That's pretty much it for now. So yeah. Hasta luego!

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