Friday, April 06, 2007

What?! Am I crazy or what?!

So OMG... yeah, I think there was something in the non-fat milk last night because I just randomly decided to knit a skirt. Do you know how insane that is? It's almost as bad as knitting a dress but a skirt is a lot faster.

So, let me tell you the whole story since the cause of being insane was not from non-fat milk... I was just looking around here and I decided to look at the contests or challenges board. Then after looking at the last three months' winners and entrys I see there is a new challenge!!! YAY. Maybe it will be one that's actually fun and interesting, just to let you all know I still like the topics but I was waiting for one to catch my eye, for April/May!! The challenge is for summer knits or knitted objects (mostly going to be clothing) in warm weather. So I was like yay!! THis is exciting, I get to go outside my knitting box of comfort and make something new that I've never tried before! :)

Then I had to start thinking- what could I make that would be amazingly awesome? Hmmm, it can't be sweaters or socks... I mean it could, but that's not what I wanted to make... Then it popped into my head! THen best (in my opinion) idea came to me... what about a mini skirt that pleated like so. Seeing this you all must think I'm crazy. The picture makes it look easy. HA. Not really. So I got some yarn and some couple of pairs of circular needles. Now the pattern called for size 6 circular needles (which I don't have) and also the hip measurement was 29 some inches. I may be skinny but not that skinny. I am at least 35 inches. Here is where the math started coming in to my brain (hint: I was doing all of the math calculations at midnight last night). I had two choices.

One: mathamatically figure all of the stitch ratios and make it so I increase the number of stitches

Two: change the needle size

Guess what I chose. Normally I would choose option one for the challenge, but I was tired and like "no way punk, I'm going for the easier but still works route". So at first I know that there are 4.5 stitches per inch for the 29 some inches measurment. Then I knew that 3.75 stitches per inch would work for 36. something. So typically you would use a bigger needle right? To get less stitches per inch, right? Do I do that? NO. Since my circular needle choices were either 5 US or 10.5 US, I start with the 5 US. After starting a swatch/guage/tension thingie, which I am glad I did otherwise this skirt would only be able to fit a 2 year old, I measured the stitches across, hoping it would be 3.75 stitches... but guess what... it wasn't. It was 4.75 stitches. I got really really really mad. Grrrr. So then I changed needles and started knitting more of the swatch then after 5 or 6 rows of that I measured the stitches and it was.... 3.75!!! YAYA. Am I a lucky ducky or what?

Then the next challenge came up. Guess how many stitches I had to cast on to a 29" needle?


Do you know how many gosh darn stitches that is? It took me 2 hours (about maybe) to cast on. Thank god I only have 61 rows in the whole gosh darn project. I start with 448, then I end with like 130 something. :) I better win the stinking challenge... it's going to be yellow though. I'll post a picture when I have more progress. Currently, until Mayish this is my project since I need to finish it before then...hopefully...

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