Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's been FOREVER!!

Okay, not exactly FOREVER, but you get the point.

In my tennis world recently, I have been rediculously stressed out. I mean the words almost cannot describe it. This current week, I have 4 tennis meets out of 5 school days. The first three were Monday, Turesday, and Wednesday. And the last on is tomorrow. :) I think that right now, I am just plain exhausted. You can't say you've been exhausted untill you've had the last two weeks that I've had. Once you do, then you can say you're exhausted.

Hmmm, in the knitting world... really, nothing besides shifting yarn from one pile in my room to another pile in my room. I think I might clean my room soon. I'm not really sure.

GAH. What am I going to do once tennis is over? :( I wish there was a summer season of tennis. Or a fall season. :)

I think that's it that I'll write about for now. Again-exhausted.

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