Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I know, I know

I haven't posted anything on blogger for the longest time (over a month!) But yes, I'M BACK!!! hehehe... But just as an fyi, I made the tennis team and that plus school has been keeping me very busy, even too busy. But alas! Spring break has finally arrived! :) I LOVE breaks. They are just so amazing.

On the knitting side of things, I have certainly been doing quite some knitting.

Here is a pair of mittens that I finished last month. Hehehe, my dad really like them so I made them for him for Christmas. They softened up very nicely in the wash by the way. (made with Caron 1 lbs.er and some Real Worsted yarn that I got in Bellingham)

Hmmm, other projects... I have been working quite a bit on the navy blue cardigan. I have the complete back done and the whole left side. I am just starting the right side though but it shouldn't take me much longer to finish the side. I really only care about finishing the gosh darn project and freeing two pairs of needles.

I have worked a lot on my watermelon socks. Yep, still working on the first sock. I recently got new yarn and I really want to make socks with them so I am thinking that I might finish up this current sock (hoepfully today) and then knit one sock of the cool yarn and then the other watermelon sock and then the other sock with the cool yarn. OR maybe I should just get another set or two of size 0 dpns (which have recently become my favorite even though every time I make a stitch I feel like the needle is just going to snap...) So right now (following the Yarn Harlot's sock pattern in "Knitting Rules" I am decreasing. I have to decrease 81 stitches to 16..... >:( Not very happy about that but this is after knitting 5 inches straight.... yeah, where it's like 10 rows per inch... >>:( But yes, hopefully I can finish it today.

Then there is the "Simply Marilyn" sweater from interweave knits that has been on hold for quite a while now. No real inspiration with it there... I think I am too lazy and I also don't get why you knit in ribbing for four inches with the bigger needles and then another four inches of the ribbing with the smaller needles and then switch to the bigger needles... whatever. I also have a great fear that I am going to run out of yarn and of course this project is the first major one with multiple skeins or balls of yarn and the DYE LOT... I gah. I just don't want like two inches of the sleeves or whatever to be a different shade of blue... I'll have to play it by ear...

AND THEN... there are a lot of dumb projects that I think would be fun until the second row of knitting and then I ask myself "why am I knitting this dumb project?" then I rip out the two rows and go back to the other major projects I have going on. I think it's because I am trying to hand on to my New Year's resolution of not having a billion projects on the needles and I am surprisingly finding it hard to do... :) But yes... I must trudge on and I will hopefully finish or come close to finishing most of those projects this week... hopefully...

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