Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Very Inspired

I really really really want to knit a colorful afghan. I've been following january one's blog and OH MY GOODNESS!!! She is making the most beautiful blanket/afghan thing with no-sew miter squares that looks like the psychadelic afghan squares pattern but the colors she uses are beautiful. I want pretty yarn like that. I want to get yarn online and a ton of it fro cheap. But noooo... don't have a job yet. Just one more year... I just really want to make something unbelievably amazing that everyone would say wonderful things about. But no, I'm stuck with the same old same old. And I still have those billions of projects going and I feel the tug to start something new even though I know I should be finishing the other projects. I feel like my other projects have put me in a rut. A rut of confusion. I GAAH...

I'm also really mad right now. I'm planning (or was) a surprise birthday party for my mom. It's suppose to be on a Saturday and guess what, my sister is working from 9 to 5:30 and I originally planned to have the party from 12-4ish. But now she wants me to totally change what I had planned and invisioned for the party. She can't get the day off, which is dumb since she hasn't missed a day of work since she started there almost a year ago and she wants me to change the plans so that it is from 6-9 at a resturant. I don't want to do that. If she can't come, then she can't come. When her friends have a party that she wants to go to they don't change the times so that she can go, it's more like if you can make it, great! If you can't then that's too bad. I may be being a little harsh but I don't want my MOM'S party to revolve around her, when it's not HER party. She can plan it next year. Obviously her job is WAY more important than family otherwise she would make the time when everyone else can. A tad bit selfish if you ask me. And you know what, either I can plan everything and it's at noon or she can figure out EVERYTHING (including calling people and getting phone numbers and such and have it at 6. I'm not planning a party that I have no involvment or opinion on. If she is making all of the decisions then she can plan the party.

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